Inspiration for this design:

Gaea represents the mother of Earth, that gives life to every organisms and beings. This enchanting piece of 108 beads mala is strung with 106 Indian Agate stones, 2 moonstones that sit at the top of the necklace that represent new beginnings and 1 faceted clear quartz guru bead to amplify good energies and dissolves negative energies. The main of body of this mala showcases the variety of green and red tones in Indian Agate beads, reminding us of Mother Nature where the living pulses of all organisms co-exist altogether. 


For aesthetic purpose, 2 smaller clear quartz beads are placed at the base of the mala, just before the guru bead so allow an organic flow of the 8mm beads to funnel down to the 11mm guru bead.



“Sometimes we just have to stop and feel the pulse of the Earth, the rhythm of the seasons and the internal voice that was once our childhood friend.” ~ Fennel Hudson



  • Mala Necklace Style: 108 beads style
  • 108 Gemstones:
    • 8mm Indian Agate, 8mm Rainbow Moonstone, 6mm Clear Quartz
  • Guru bead: 11mm Clear Quartz
  • Tassel: Silk Tassel in Green
  • Charm: -
  • Metals: Gold plated (copper base) spacer bead
  • Measures: Drop length approx 24", strung on DMC cords
  • Complimentary TMC drawstring pouch & gift box with every mala necklace purchase and standard shipping

Proudly handmade by TMC
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  • Please refer to our Gem Guide to understand more about the properties of each gemstones.

  • Each piece of TMC 108 beads mala necklace is handcrafted & knotted on double strung DMC embriodery threads to ensure the necklace is tough and is able to withstand everyday wear.


    You are unique and so are the semi-precious stones used in our design. Due to the very nature of the Mother Earth and its beautiful formations, no two stones are exactly alike. You will receive a mala as pictured above, but please keep in mind that your mala will be completely one of a kind due to the stones variations.