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  • What are Mala Jewelry or Mala Beads?

    • A Japa mala, mala or garland is a string of prayer beads commonly used for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as japa. These garlands are used by practitioners from various religions. They serve a universal purpose as a meditation aid – to allow practitioners to keep their count while chanting verbally or mentally, a mantra they are meditating on.

    • Many practitioners choose to use their mala in contexts beyond seated meditation. They like to keep their affirmations or intentions with them throughout the day, wherever they are, by wearing a mala necklace or bracelet. These jewelry are unique to everyone and are powerful in helping the wearer find focus, refining the alignment of their mind, body and soul.


  • Who wears TMC Mala Jewelry – necklace & bracelet?

    • Beautiful, symbolic and meaningful, TMC designs incorporate semi-precious stones, crystals and sacred symbols into pieces destined to become heirlooms. Every inspiring individual – whether you are a yogi, runner, cyclist, coach, blogger, traveller, nature lover, photographers, lawyers, doctors, teacher, and the list is endless! We welcome everyone to join us and proudly wear TMC jewelry. 


  • What is the significance of 108 beads in my Mala Necklace?

    • All TMC Mala Necklaces are made with 108 beads, plus 1 guru bead. The significance of this sacred number is open to interpretations – depending on how individual like to perceive the meaning. Some Vedic culture sees 108 as a number representing the wholeness of existence, connecting the Sun, Moon and Earth. According to yogic tradition citing that there are 108 pithas or sacred sites all throughout India and with this belief in mind, when we recite or recount the number 108, it reminds us of the entire universe and that the universal self is omnipresent that is the innate nature of the self.


  • I hear about multiples of 9 in mala jewlery. What is this about?

    • Traditionally, 108 beads malas are divided into six groups of 18 beads and 54 beads malas are segmented into six groups of 9 beads. All combinations are based on divisor 9. In Tibetian Buddhism, the number 9 is a representation of the 9 yanas or paths of the Buddhist practice.


  • Will my TMC Mala Jewelry look the same as in the picture?

    • Each piece of jewelry is delicately hand made by our designer. Each piece will vary due to its uniqueness of each knots and bead stones. Our stones are all natural semiprecious stones. Each bead is unique in tonality of its colour, chemical property which brings out the exclusivity of its vibration. Hence no two stones are exactly alike. We hope that you embrace the individualism of each piece of TMC Mala Jewelry, as unique as you are. You will receive a mala jewelry as pictured, but please keep in mind that your mala will be completely one of a kind due to the stones variations. 


  • Are all TMC Mala Necklaces and Bracelets the same length?

    • Each design varies in length due to the size of each natural bead stones. Do expect slight differences in the size of each bead that is used in every piece of TMC mala jewelry. We provide as accurate as we can of the length estimate on the products description page.


  • Are TMC Mala Jewelry blessed?

    • Your mala jewelry is believed to guide you in your daily practice. We respect the individualism in everyone hence we sell our jewelry without any judgement.  You may activate your mala jewelry in any ceremony of your preference to connect the beads to your intention and energy. Or you can wear it just as it is and connect your energy with it over time!



  • How do I care for my TMC Mala Jewelry?

    • Like any jewelry, please treat them with love and care. Each TMC Mala is individually crafted with high quality semi-precious stones and on various threads such as DMC 100% cotton threads and 100% silk thread.

    • Avoid sweating in them excessively or taking them to the shower. Prolong exposure to such conditions will naturally make the jewelry vulnerable to breakage. We advise to remove them while engaging in physical activities.

    • Store your jewelry in a soft fabric pouch (ie, TMC drawstring pouch) and into a dry and preferably sealed container.

    • Avoid contact with water or long term exposure to sunlight.

    • Put on your TMC jewelry last, if you are using hair spray or perfume.

    • You may choose to clean your mala jewelry from time to time, depending on your preference. We suggest you use a damp cloth to gently wipe over each bead and allow the jewelry to air dry overnight.

    • All semi precious stones need to be treated with care as these gems will crack with force, particularly stones with natural fracture lines within the stones.

    • For metal components, wiping them over with a dry cloth or micro fibre cloth is sufficient to keep its lustre.

    • If your jewelry contains any Swarovski components, please ensure that the jewelry is well handled without dropping them. Swarovski components will break!

    • We only use tassels made of fine silk threads hence they are very delicate. Avoid allowing the tassels to come into contact with sharp objects. During storage, it is recommended to use the original plastic cover. (Hold the top most of your mala necklace, thread it through the plastic cover and pull down the plastic cover towards the tassel.)

  • How do I cleanse my TMC Mala Jewelry?

    • All mala jewelry are believed to contain spiritual energies cultivated by their owners. It is not advised to lend your mala jewelry to someone else for wearing. 

    • From time to time, you may wish to reset or recalibrate the energies in your mala jewelry. There are many ways to cleanse your mala jewelry. These are some recommendations but feel free to explore other options based on your spiritual practice.

      1. Burn sage to release energies that do not serve.​

      2. Lay your mala jewelry out under a full moon for a natural recharge.

      3. Other tools for mala cleansing such as singing bowl, attend a satsang etc.

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