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The belief that semi-precious gemstones have special healing powers has captivated people for centuries. Today, these stones are appreciated for their natural beauty and the spiritual, mental and physical properties that they bring. At TMC, we are glad to accept this good fortune and by wearing our jewelry, we hope that the semi-precious gemstones will bring on positivity to you every day.


While each types of semi-precious gemstone carries different energies and vibrations, they are not prescriptions or healthcare information and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. The choice of gemstones and any expected results that may bring are the sole responsibility of the wearer. 

The properties listed below is not exhaustive. We summarised the key properties of each semi-previous stone listed below. Do reach out to us if you need more information on any particular stones that you have in mind.

AGATE: harmony, courage, strength

As a stone of harmony, agate is known to balance the yin & yang energy. It can release bursts of energy when needed, conserving energy and enhances longevity. It gives courage, emotional strength and self-confidence. It gives strength to its wearer – both intellectually and physically.


AMAZONITE: hope, trust, communication

A beautiful stone in natural mint to aqua green, amazonite is known as a stone of hope. It is associated with the throat chakra, as such, it is said to encourage communicate, heals and protects the thyroid. It is also associated strongly with the third eye chakra which helps to align the physical and astral bodies. Amazonite reduces self-defeating behaviors, creating a calming effect and boost self-esteem.


AMETHYST: strength, stability, clarity

A natural stress reliever, amethyst protects its wearer from negative influence and encourages inner strength, brings wealth and clarity of the mind. It is a stone of spiritual growth and protection. Amethyst is a purple-colored quartz crystal and the purple shades vary from light lavender to deep violet.

ANGELITE: strength, stability, peace

A stone of healing, Angelite is like a guardian angel that emits reassuring vibes to create calmness and guide its wearer through difficult moments. Its healing properties help to increase awareness and heighten perception. Angelite promotes compassion and peace, possessing the ability to transform tension and anger into forgiveness and understanding. It creates peace and tranquillity, dissolving any pain and disorder into wholeness and healing. 

APATITE: inspiration, knowledge, awareness

A stone of inspiration, apatite is a stone that can stimulate ideas and thoughts. When used in meditation, it helps promote the accumulation of knowledge and enables spiritual attunement, improving psychic awareness.


AQUAMARINE: courage, peace, hope

A stone of courage, aquamarine brings inner peace, harmony, self-love and hope to its wearer. It naturally dispels fear and anger; hence the mind becomes clear and emotions balanced. In ancient times, seamen carried this stone to protect them against in the dangers at sea.


AZURITE MALACHITE: clarity, positivity, balance

A stone of transformation, Azurite Malachite absorbs energy and draws emotions to the surface, allowing its wearer to clear and activate the Chakras. This unique stone is a blend of two distinct and popular gemstones – the blues of azurite and the green shades of malachite. With the combination of the healing powers of both stones, Azurite Malachite helps create positivity in life, dispel egocentric thoughts.


BLUE LACE AGATE: calmness, communication, serenity

A stone of support, Blue Lace Agate carries a subtle and quiet energy that provides stability and balance in many aspects of a person’s life. It promotes the acceptance of the wearer’s emotions and helps dissolves negatives emotions. This beautiful stone is related to the Throat Chakra which encourages communication and expression of thoughts. 

CARNELIAN: protection, courage, confidence

A stone of stability, Carnelian brings courage and promotes positivity. This stone helps to motivate and encourages trust toward oneself and thereby, boosts confidence. Carnelian is related to the Sacral Chakra, helping one relate to their higher sense of Self.

CHALCEDONY: liveliness, energy, harmony

A nurturing stone that promotes good relationships and good will by absorbing negative energy, chalcedony is also known to bring harmony to the mind, body and soul. It has the ability to absorb and dissipate negative thoughts and emotions.

CLEAR QUARTZ: strength, healing, amplification

A stone of ultimate power, clear quartz embodies white rays and it has the ability to amplify the energy of any other stones. It allows its wearer to place their intentions into the stone to boost the power of their thoughts and enhance the manifestations of greater strength and power.


DUMORTIERITE: awareness, acceptance, communication

A stone of support, Dumortierite brings a feeling of harmony, relaxation and calm to its wearer especially in times when one is feeling scattered and unable to stay focus. It has the ability to bring order to chaos. It boosts confidence and at the same time, promotes self forgiveness. Dumortierite is associate with the Third Eye Chakra that stimulates balance in emotional intelligence.

FANCY JASPER: tranquillity, grounding, wholesome 

A stone of tranquillity, Fancy Jasper has the ability to facilitate the ability to focus, improve concentration and bring calmness to negative or disturbed thoughts. With this, it facilitates the ability to focus on the present, instead of worrying about the unknown future. Fancy Jasper comes in an array of colours, in a beautiful mix of green, red, lilac, mauve and brown. It is associate with the Root Chakra

GARNET: passion, self-confidence, positivity

A stone of health, Garnet symbolizes support, strength and courage. It is a powerful stone that has the ability to energize and regenerate energies coming from all chakras. With this powerful ability to rebalance energy levels, it inspires love and devotion. It boosts balance in sexual drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. Red Garnet symbolises love – love for the surrounding and toward the self. It creates opening of the heart and bestows self-confidence.

GREEN AVENTURINE: prosperity, vitality, growth

A stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine possesses energy that manifest prosperity and wealth. This winning energy aligns conditions to boost one’s chances in any situations. It is associated with the Heart Chakra, being emotional calmness to its wearer by dispelling negativity.

HEMATITE: stability, grounding, equilibrium

A grounding stone, Hematite is commonly used to stabilize thoughts and feelings and for protection. It is an excellent stone to help its wearer stay grounded, promoting original and logical thinking. It has the ability to reduce negativity by helping with finding equilibrium in the mind, body and spirit connection.


NOTE: Natural Hematite may contain a very slight magnetic charge. Please check with your health physician before working with this natural stone, especially if you are wearing a pacemaker.


HEMIMORPHITE: empathy, confidence, communication

A stone of empathy that encourages compassion in all interactions. Its energy expels anger and selfishness, creating space to gain a sense of peace, lightening the aura around. Hemimorphite showcases bands of translucent blue and white, appearing as colourless crystals to pale teal.

HOWLITE: calmness, awareness, creativity

A exceptionally calming stone, howlite decreases stress, anxiety and selfishness thoughts. It has a calming effect that brings about relaxation. It also helps the wearer decrease anger that originates from within or external influences. Such calming effects can help its wearer be truly comfortable as oneself without any fake pretence. This wonder stone also boost creativity and inspirations.

INDIAN AGATE: protection, balance, ground

A stone of eternity, Indian Agate helps to release old emotions and brings harmony and peace to any given space. This stone appears in a variety of colours including tones of red, yellow, blue and is dominant in green. The earthy colours are soothing in nature hence is a stone mostly used in meditation and spiritual practice. It is believed that this stone removes blockages and powers up the chakras. It gives you a sense of protection by gathering positive energies and guard against any bad energies that might be surrounding you.

JADE: dream, tranquillity, stability

An ultimate “dream stone”, jade is said to bless whatever it touches upon, protecting its wearer from misfortune and brings harmony and prosperity. It generates an aura to promote insightful dreams and stimulates ideas. Deeply connected to the heart chakra, jade encourages its wearer to be true to themselves.


LABRADORITE: calmness, strength, balance

A stone of transformation, Labradorite helps to dispel any negative energy, restoring energy levels. It is believed to have the ability to shield positive aura and protect it by deflecting unwanted energies that are present in the aura. It enhances the qualities of intuition, especially during difficult times, and helps its wearer to make the right judgement. It infuses self-confidence, inspiration and strength in its wearer.

LAPIS LAZULI: truth, strength, awareness

As a stone of communication and associated with the throat chakra, lapis lazuli promotes truthfulness, mental clarity and openness to its wearer. It brings emotional virility and gives strength to the mind to better organize thought flows by lessening confusion and increasing concentration. Due to the natural composition of this stone – with a combination of lazurite, calcite and pyrite, lapis lazuli possesses strong energy that brings inner power and hope.


LAVA BEAD: stability, grounding, endurance

Lava bead or sometimes known as Basalt is an igneous volcanic rock. It is form when gasses in magma solidifies into rock. Lava rock has a grounding and calming presence that allow its wearer to feel stable and grounded. It is connected to the Root Chakra, providing stability and strength. Due to its strong connection with the Earth, Lava stone has a inert fire to pull one back to groundedness in times of crises. 

LEPIDOLITE (LILAC STONE): acceptance, calm, trust

A stone of transformation, lepidolite helps one get through changes with trust that everything will eventually turn out good. This stone brings a strong sense of relaxation, balance and calming effect. It is also associated with the heart, third eye and crown chakras.


MOONSTONE: protection, hope, abundance

A stone of protection, moonstone brings hope, sensitivity and enhances feminine energies. It provides support during difficult times such as childbirth, pregnancy or when travelling. Moonstone also brings calm and relief from emotional stress, cultivating love of all kinds. This stone is associated with the crown and third eye chakra. Moonstones range from rainbow moonstone, peach moonstone, white moonstone, grey moonstone etc.


MOONSTONE (PEACH): love, healing, intuitive

This variety of Moonstone is a stone of intuitive knowing and strongly supports the heart. Peach moonstone has a warm feminine energy that allows clarity in our emotions, allowing us to cultivate a sense of security and openness in cultivating healthy relationships. It strengthens feminine intuition. Its presence helps to calm overreactions and pave the way for logical thinking. It is attuned to the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.

MORGANITE: confidence, love, peace

A stone of divine love, Morganite bring compassion, healing, assurance and love. This stone attunes to the Heart Chakra, possessing the power to cleanse emotional body of stress and any trauma from old experiences, rebuilding confidence and positivity in the mind to move forward. Morganite also attracts love into one’s life, inspiring joy for life and encourages loving thoughts for others. 

OBSIDIAN (BLACK): compassion, protection, self-control

A fiercely protective stone, black obsidian forces its wearer to face up to one’s true self, releases imbalances and repels negativity, allowing clarify to the mind and clears up confusion of all sorts. It promotes good virtues of strength and compassion. Black obsidian is commonly dark brown to black with a glassy luster and a silvery sheen depending on the contents of impurities within the rock.

OBSIDIAN (GOLD): vitality, positivity, clarity

A protective stone, gold obsidian activates the third chakra and is believed to deflect negativity and repels attempts of others to assert their power over us. It helps to release blockages to our spiritual and personal growth, clearing the pathways to allow positive energies to manifest. Gold obsidian is dark brown to black with a golden sheen. 


ONYX (BLACK): protection, strength, stamina

A protective stone, onyx is associated with the root chakra and is a very useful stone that helps its wearer experience the challenges in life especially during difficult situations as it prevents draining away of personal energy. It has the ability to center energy and eliminate unwanted energies.

OPAL: strength, inspiration, purity

A stone that represents the fire of the human spirit, the dancing auroras within the opal stone signifies our passions and dreams that are always burning in strength. Opal symbolises hope and purity. It enhances imagination and creativity, bringing inspiration to life and soul.

PEACH QUARTZ: healing, creativity, independence 

A stone that has strong vibrations to release energy blockages within the Sacral and Higher Heart chakras. Clearance of blockages allows one to gain independence and increase self love . This stone also promotes strong understanding of how to connect dreams and reality, serving as a tool to help one set realistic goals.

PINK ZEBRA JASPER: groundedness, optimism, balance

A ground stone, jasper stimulates the root chakra and can help reconnect one’s scattered energies back to their origin where they are most needed. It also holds the energy of balance helping to balance the yin & yang of its wearer. It promotes optimism, encouraging its wearers to pursue their dreams and turn them into reality.

RED BRECCIATED JASPER: strength, vitality, tranquillity

A stone of strength and vitality, brecciated jasper is believed to boost mental clarity and dispels negativity from any space. With it being connected to the root chakra, it creates a state of balance in the mind, body and soul. It also helps to bring tranquillity and wholeness during times of stress.

RED JASPER: endurance, creativity, stability

Known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance, red jasper has been revered by ancient civilizations as a sacred stone for physical and spiritual protection. It stimulates good health, new ideas and increases one’s awareness to the earth when calling in rain. Its steady frequency calms the emotional body to create a stable flow of energy for strong health. Red jasper is associated with the root chakra which helps to cleanse and strengthen the aura.


RHODOCHROSITE: selfless love, compassion, balance

A powerful love stone, Rhodochrosite represents compassion, selfless love toward oneself and everyone around, and loving awareness. It heals the heart of past negative sentiments by allowing these feelings to surface and be acknowledged. With realisation and acceptance of any negativity, it helps open rooms for one’s heart to accept love to oneself and others

RHODONITE: forgiveness, true passion, love

A stone of forgiveness, Rhodonite carries the strength to help the heart and mind to let go of any pain from a past experience. It gently cleanses the wearer’s aura of negativity of hurt and bitterness. Characterised by pinks and black Manganese Oxide, the colours remind us that affairs of the heart are often painful. However with the strength and ability from Rhodonite creates space to open up and free these negativity. Rhodonite is a Heart and Root Chakra stone that helps one to process energies in these chakras more efficiently. 


RIVER STONE: strength, energy, clarity

An energizing stone, river stone is known to possess energy that accelerates change, enabling its wearers with increased strength and energy and mental clarity to make good decisions.


ROSE QUARTZ: love, compassion, awareness

As a stone of unconditional love, rose quartz produces strong energy that enhances every type of love in almost every situation. Its association with the heart chakra opens the heart to accept the universe, bring love into life, enabling us to the goodness in ourselves and others. This is a very loving stone, full of positivity. Its loving energies enable its wearers to love themselves and create stronger sense of self-esteem.


SMOKY QUARTZ: centering, groundedness, intuition

An excellent grounding stone, smoky quartz gently neutralises negativity and is detoxifying in all levels, dispelling fear, depression and other negative sensations. It promotes positive thoughts and actions and manifest dreams. This stone is also believed to help one be centered during meditation and provides a grounded link between the physical and higher selves.

SODALITE: communication, intelligence, truth

As a stone of truth, sodalite encourages its wearer to be true to self and stand up for what he/she believes in. It promotes a trust in one’s own judgement, promoting intuition and enhances the ability to focus energy. Sodalite is associate with the third eye, making it helpful during meditation to guide its wearer to use more logic thinking and intuition rather than on emotions.


STRAWBERRY QUARTZ: love, positivity, awareness

As a stone of purification, Strawberry Quartz is said to help purify a person's aura as its energy is strong in maintaining positivity. It aids in amplifying pure intentions of love and empathy. It gets its intense pink color from inclusion of various forms of iron oxide. Its ability to receive and attract love makes it so powerful and works well with multiple chakras concurrently. These chakras are Root, Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown.

TOPAZ: peace, love, balance

A balancing stone, topaz is a powerful stone in a way that quartz is. It helps balance emotions, release tension and brings joy. It also provides protection from the evil eye and greed. It brings peace and love.


TRIDACNA STONE: harmony, protection, purity

Known as one of the “seven treasures of Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra”, tridacna is a stone that has a natural white color closest to pure white. It helps stabilize mood, eliminate negative thoughts and harmonize the body and mind.


USSINGITE: purificiation, self love, communication

A stone of energy purification, Ussingite emanates serenity and vibrates at the frequency of spiritual purification. The frequency of Ussingite connects deeply to the crown and soul star chakras, and acts as a communicate with the angelic realms and spirit guides. The energy from Ussingite supports one's emotions so the one can be forgiving to others and with oneself.

YELLOW CALCITE: intelligence, energy, confidence

Known as a mind stone, yellow calcite boosts mental strength and memory power. It has the ability to help channel away old energy patterns and create better energy flow, increasing personal motivation, giving its wearer a refreshed emotional state of mind.

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