A bespoke mala bracelet (21 beads) or intention bracelet (number of beads vary according to size) is a wonderful start to your journey in reaching the fullest of your intentions which you have set out for yourself - whether it is for emotional support, overall wellbeing or motivation in your daily pursuits of life.


It is also a great way to learn about semi-precious gemstones and their properties. Most importantly, creating your own mala or intention jewelry allows you to decide which gemstones properties or colours you are most attracted to, and finally creating a design that is uniquely yours.


Typically, we use 2 different bead sizes when creating mala or intention bracelets. The semi-precious gemstones round beads used are either 6mm or 8mm. Wrist sizes will determine the total number of beads used when crafting your very own intention bracelet. Upon request, we do design bracelets with beads that are between 10mm to 12mm.


Prices start from US$40 that covers a broad range of common gemstones in both 6mm and 8mm beads sizes, to as high as US$80 if exotic stones are used. To begin your journey of creating your very own mala/ intention bracelet, simply purchase this listing (based on the entry price of either US$40 or US$60) and provide your email address correctly upon checkout.


Price gauge for 6 to 8 mm stones:

US$40 - US$80


Price gauge for 10 to 12mm stones:

US$60 onwards


Our lead designer will be in touch with you as soon as your order is received and we shall kick start the process from there on. Should there be any topup required, we will let you know too.


Get fully involved in creating a mala design that calls out to you, that presents your inner goddess!


For more details, please reach out to us at admin@themalacompany.com, anytime!



List of common stones (not an exhaustive list though), in 6mm & 8mm:

1. White Moonstone

2. Amethyst

3. Quartz (clear, rose, peach, smoky)

4. Agates (grey, blue lace)

5. Aquamarine

6. Labradorite

7. Amazonite

8. Howlite

9. White jade

10. Tridacna beads

11. Peach Moonstone

12. Petrified Wood


Exotics stones, in 6mm & 8mm:

1. Tanzanite

2. Rainbow Moonstone

3. Kunzite

4. Ruby

5. Tiger Eye

6. Kyanite

7. Grey Moonstone

8. Red Moonstone

9. Tourmaline


For stones in 10mm and above, please send us an email or message via instagram before you make any purchase.



  • Please refer to Gem Guide to understand more about the properties of each gemstones.